Being Human DIY Cards by Selene Aswell

Being Human DIY Cards

Connecting to and Working with My Unique Experience of Universal Human Needs

Why Needs Cards?

Marshall Rosenberg, creator of Nonviolent Communication said:  “The number one reason that we don't get our needs met [is that] we don't express them.”

I would take that a step further.  We cannot express our needs if we don’t know what they are!

I started making my own needs cards through intuitive collage over a year ago. I wanted to get to know human needs in general, and I wanted to get to know what my experience of those needs, uniquely, was. Looking at a list of needs, as some recommended, was not helpful for me, because my eyes would glaze over and I would end up staring at nothing. 

By choosing one need at a time, and using intuitive images to illustrate those needs, I created incredibly intimate expressions of my inner world. I found I was more easily able to express my needs in moments of conflict. The words for my needs were more readily available in my mind because I did the work of connecting to them in times of peace and learning.
I ended up with a beautiful, inspiring collection of cards that would be impossible to buy because I made them myself. They resonated with images that made sense to me, personally.

Over the past year, people have asked where I got my cards. They've asked me to sell prints of my cards. So, I made this download with blank cards, ready for you to collage your own inner world on top.

Check out some examples of cards people have made here: #myneedscards.

Your Download Includes

54 Needs Cards
with 6 different designs

That's enough to make 1 card a week for a full year,  with 2 bonus cards! 

6 Blank Cards
So you can print and create any needs cards
you resonate with that are not in the pack already.
2 Working With Cards
With tips on how to use your needs cards after making them, cut to the same size as your cards for convenience.
1 Intuitive Collage Instructional Video
with examples of cards already made and tips on how to make your own
1 14 Page PDF
with instructions for printing, making, and using your cards

Meet Selene

Selene Aswell is a coach and facilitator specializing in radical self love, nonviolent communication, and spirituality. ​She is a Certification Candidate through the Center for Nonviolent Communication, with four years experience as a private practitioner of NVC and ten years experience in facilitation. Selene has a BA in Community Studies. ​ Her background is in women's spirituality and supporting herself and others to develop a unique, personal relationship with Divinity.

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