Cultivating Self Love by Selene Aswell

Cultivating Self Love

Introduction to the Components of Self Love

Self Love is. . .

Self Love is not something that you have or don't have.
Self Love is a SKILL which we can cultivate.

In this course we explore:
1. What is self love?? How do we define self love?
2. How, practically, can we cultivate a practice of self love?
In this course, we focus not only on cultivating self love as a skill, but as a daily practice, much like you might cultivate a daily practice of meditation, yoga, dance, or art. We create a practice of self love that highlights not only theory, but also the actual application in our daily lives. We want to live in a world where self love is customary, habitual, and expected. And we are creating that change starting with ourselves.

What's included?

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Getting Started
Tips for a Successful Course
Book Your Free Coaching
Getting Support in Community
The Three Components of Self Love
Self Empathy
Self Acceptance
Self Care
How the Components Work Together
{Week 1} Introducing Self Empathy
Week 1 Video: Start with me!
30 mins
How do I "do" Self Empathy? 1: Learn What Needs Are
Resources: Being Human Cheat-Sheet
How do I "do" Self Empathy? 2: Connect With My Experience of Those Needs
Resources: Being Human DIY Needs Cards
Resources: Being Human Explorer's Circle
Resources: Feelings Vocabulary
How do I "do" Self Empathy? 3: Practice!!
Resources: Brené Brown on Empathy
Resources: Cultivating Self Love Practice Group
Resources: Deep Dive into Self-Empathy
Self Empathy Journal Page.pdf
251 KB
{Week 2} Introducing Self Acceptance
Week 2 Video: Start with me!
28 mins
How do I "do" Self Acceptance? 1: Personal Responsibility
How do I "do" Self Acceptance? 2. I accept my feelings and needs as reality
Resources: How to choose a need for step one?
How do I "do" Self Acceptance? 3. I welcome my judgments
Resources: Welcoming my Judgments Journal Page
237 KB
How do I "do" Self Acceptance? 4. Practice
7 mins
Resources: Deep Dive into Self-Acceptance
{Week 3} Introducing Self Care
Week 3 Video: Start with me!
30 mins
How do I "do" Self Care? 1. Challenge the Assumption of Scarcity
How do I "do" Self Care? 2. + 3.
How do I "do" Self Care? 4. Think Creatively About Meeting My Needs
Resources: Self Care Journal Page
228 KB
Resources: Find an Empathy Buddy
Resources: Seek Help
{Week 4} Introducing The Self Love Process
Week 4 Video: Start with me!
19 mins
Reviewing the Components of Self-Love
How do I "do" Self Love? 1. Practice Each Component Separately
Resources: Find other NVC trainers
Resources: Deep Dives coming in 2019
Resource: Meditation to Journal the Process
8 mins
How do I "do" Self Love? 2. Use Your Journal to Practice the Process
Resources: Self Love Process Journal Page
244 KB
How do I "do" Self Love? 2. Seek Support
Resources: Selene's Blog for examples
Resource: Empathy Exchange Instructions
228 KB
{Bonus} Giving Appreciation
Bonus Material: Expressing Appreciation in NVC
Expressing My Appreciation
Receiving Your Appreciation


The information and tools Selene gave were like a life raft to crawl up onto from the feelings and emotions that I have often felt that I was drowning in. Then, I can look at what I am feeling with more clarity and move forward from there. 

I was grateful to learn about how to love myself in practical ways that I can implement repeatedly as new situations arise.
Leia Merkabel
I am so impressed with Selene Aswell. Such a beautiful soul who walks her talk. Authentic to the core. 

I highly recommend her course Cultivating Self Love with Non Violent Communication. 

The world needs this!
Frankey Craig
I'm on my 2nd week of the NVC course, and I am starting to notice and apply the things that Selene is talking about. I equally enjoy group and individual sessions with her, because she's dedicated, respective, kind, loving and has a deep knowledge of the subject.

I'm excited to see what else I can learn from her in the next few weeks.
Dora Dorchi
This course fulfilled a genuine need I was experiencing in my life. At the time it was offered, I struggled with (and continue to struggle with), negative self-talk. This course offered me concrete tools I could use to understand the roots of that negative self-talk, and begin the healing process. I plan to continue studying the NVC method, and would recommend this course specifically to anyone interested in a deeper understand of our needs, the needs of others, and the role thise needs play in our daily interactions.

Thank you so much, Selene!

Catherine Hannah

Meet Selene

Selene Aswell is a coach and facilitator specializing in radical self love, nonviolent communication, and spirituality. ​She is a Certification Candidate through the Center for Nonviolent Communication, with four years experience as a private practitioner of NVC and ten years experience in facilitation. Selene has a BA in Community Studies. ​ Her background is in women's spirituality and supporting herself and others to develop a unique, personal relationship with Divinity.

Vibrantly Alive
The mission of Vibrantly Alive is to inspire and support personal and social growth through the development of skills in empathy, communication, and nonviolence. We aim to empower individuals, couples, parents, and activists through revitalizing their self-love and enjoyment of life on Earth.