Being Human Cheat-Sheet by Selene Aswell

Being Human Cheat-Sheet

Support Your Empathy Practice with Feelings and Needs at a Glance

How to Use this Card

Its size makes it easy to carry around with you! You can keep it in your journal or planner for quick reference on the go. Or, keep it in your meditation area when you are practicing Self Empathy with more focus.  Are you having a difficult time connecting with someone? You could experiment with givign them the card and inviting them to share with you what they might be feeling or wanting. 

Use it as a reference to understand what's going on in your inner world.

How to Print this Card

Print this directly on to an A5 card, front and back. 

Or, print onto an A4 sheet, both on one side, and fold it in half, so now you have a front and back A5 size card. 

If you are working with letter size paper, then just select "fit to page" and you're golden.

What's included?

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Meet Selene

Selene Aswell is a coach and facilitator specializing in radical self love, nonviolent communication, and spirituality. ​She is a Certification Candidate through the Center for Nonviolent Communication, with four years experience as a private practitioner of NVC and ten years experience in facilitation. Selene has a BA in Community Studies. ​ Her background is in women's spirituality and supporting herself and others to develop a unique, personal relationship with Divinity.

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The mission of Vibrantly Alive is to inspire and support personal and social growth through the development of skills in empathy, communication, and nonviolence. We aim to empower individuals, couples, parents, and activists through revitalizing their self-love and enjoyment of life on Earth.